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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Shipping Point Determination in SAP

In standard SAP, the shipping point in the sales document line item shipping tab is determined based on below values.
  • Shipping condition -> From the ship to party
  • Loading group -> From the material master
  • Plant -> From the sales document line item / Delivery plant
This is configured in below IMG Path;
Logistic Execution / Shipping / Basic Shipping Functions / Shipping Point and Goods Receiving Point Determination / Assign Shipping Points

But for certain business scenario's it is requested to consider the storage location in addition to above 3 criteria. In such a situation the shipping point is determined based on the shipping condition, loading group, plant and the storage location.
Let's see how we can activate / configure this in SAP.

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  1. Hello. We can't read the full document. Just the first two pages.

  2. CORRECTION :: I think the Shipping Condistions come form Sold-to-Party (SP) and not from Ship-to-Party (SH)..unless mentioned in Sales Order also (n which case the one form Sales Order takes precedence).

    Can you double check / confirm it pls.?

  3. Hi Anupa first thanks for posting.
    what is the exact business requirement for this

  4. Hello Anup,
    I am unable to download this document - is there any reason that some documents I cannot download and some I am able to download?
    appreciate if you can share this great document.

    1. Hello,

      same question here. Sounds like exactly what I'm looking fro but would be great if I would be able to print it !
      Thank you.

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