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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Size conversion in SAP (IS-AFS)

In a typical apparel and footwear industry, it is very common to have same physical size called by different scales in different countries. This is the reason we have US size, UK size, etc printed in Shoes. For example in Men's footwear UK size 9 is called as US size 10. Therefore both sizes are stated in the footwear.
In order to cater this business requirement; SAP AFS has come up with grid value conversion solution, where you can convert one grid value to a different scale based on different parameters. It is possible to define size conversion based on below criteria;

  • Customer / Vendor ID (From customer master)
  • Material conversion ID (From material master)
  • User Parameter - J31 (From SAP user Profile)
Size conversion is mainly depending on the grid characteristics of the master grid which is attached to the article master. Let's see how this can be configured in SAP AFS.

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