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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pro Forma Invoice

"Pro Forma" Invoice is a dummy billing document created in the SAP system to simulate real invoice values. This is created prior to create the real invoice in the system and appear exactly same as real invoice. But this invoice does not need to be paid by the customer. Therefore, there is no posting done to Finance Accounting (FI). In standard SAP, there are two pro forma invoice types available as below. Depend on the business requirement you can define which billing type to be used.
  • F5 - Pro Forma for Order
  • F8 - Pro Forma Inv f Dlv
Billing document type "F5" is used to generate the pro forma invoice based on the sales document and the billing document type "F8" is used to generate the pro forma invoice based on the delivery document.
Since there is no FI posting happened during pro forma invoice creation, the cancellation is NOT done via transaction VF11. If you try to cancel a pro form invoice using transaction VF11, you will get below error.
  Message Text: Pro forma invoice XXXXXXXX cannot be cancelled
  Message no. VF106
Let's see how pro forma invoice is customized in SAP and the cancellation process.

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  1. Hi Anup
    It's so nice of you to devote so much time for these very informative, precisely written articles. Keep up the great work. Can I expect an article about EDI/IDoc (especially How to setup an EDI/IDoc for a Vendor (Inbound+Outbound).

  2. Thank you very much for the comment!

  3. Wow gr8 one. very USERFUL.

  4. Hi Anupa,

    I was struggling with this kind of proforma invoice two days ago. The invoice is definitely same with the normal invoice, the number is sequence with the other.

    Since this proforma invoice was not appearing as Account Receivables, i need to cancel it. I tried VF11 but failed. I read your article and tried the whole step that you had explained. After that, that proforma invoice has just already canceled.
    Thank you very much.

    Best Regards,

    1. Thank you very much for referring to our posts. Glad that it worked out for your requirement.

  5. Hi..I am creating performa invoice regularly, but now I want a list of all the performa invocie created for particular period. Though I am able to view performa invoice in the SAP with the invoice number, I am not able to see a full list of all the performa invoices..Pl help me in taking out this report

    1. Pls try using VF05 transaction for this purpose.
      In that transaction you can give the billing dates From and To. And also under "Further Selection Criteria button option, you can specify your pro forma invoice billing types. Hope this will cover your requirement.

  6. Hello Sir i have canceled the pro-forma invoice now i am not able to take reverse Outbound delivery.

  7. Thank you for providing an update about the latest buzz going around. I had less knowledge about the story but now I am up to date with your blog.