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Monday, September 24, 2012

Selection variant maintenance in SAP

Selection variant is a very commonly used feature in SAP to save set of input values for a selection screen of a program. You can execute the program easily by calling the relevant variant. Selected variant will contain all necessary values for your selection criteria.

For example, if you run a report in SAP, you will first get a selection screen, where you need to maintain the selection criteria to filter data out of SAP. If you have to fill same set of data every time you execute this report, then you can save those values as a variant.
And also similar setup is significantly used in large scale SAP customer to execute AFS allocation run, delivery note creation, etc in the background mode.
These variants can be used both dialog mode (Online) and background execution. 

If you're looking for transaction variants, please click here.

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  1. Hi Anupa,

    Thanks for posting this, I am a regular reader reader of your blog, specially on AFS.
    I have a question on how we use this functionality for ARUN..

    we maintain selection sets based on req. delivery date and need those dates to be Dyanamic, we couldn't use TVARVC like other programs as there is no varinat maintenance for this other than going to we had to develope a custom transaction to achieve this

    Is there a screen/t-code we could this? and also just curios to know where else do you use this on ARUN side? we are on AFS but very limited use..


    1. Thanks for referring to my articles in the blog.
      When you create your selection set in the transaction J4AS, you can simply use the field “Adj. From date” and “Adj. To Date” fields for this purpose. (You simply have to give the number of days to be consider, Eg: -5, +10) With that setting, system will select the today’s date as the base date and look for a window with the specified number of dates. In the given example, system will consider sales orders where requested delivery date is 5 days before today’s date and 10 days in future.
      Yes, you cannot use table TVARVC for this purpose. It is not for dynamic usages. Other than Arun purpose, it is most commonly used for delivery note and invoice creation in background mode.

  2. Thanks Anupa.

    my understanding was Adj.from and to dates are based on Confirmed.Date(not the requested delivery date)? i could be wrong..

    Thanks again and will look forward to your future blogs


    1. Yes it is correct, it is always the CDD and not RDD. Anyway for delivery creation you need to know the CDD. CDD can vary from RDD based on the ATP stock situation as well as based on the transportation scheduling customizing. (If you have route determination in place)

  3. This is very informative post. I had read some articles in this site and I can say it is very helpful to women. My wife surely loves reading your blogs. Thanks

  4. Hi Anupa,

    Can you Post the functionality of ARun and can you provide a process flow with screenshot . Thanks in advance.



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