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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

How to Set Up Basic Confirmations

Confirmation control in SAP is the mechanism of tracking the various stages of the procurement process from the time the purchase order is sent to the vendor, up until the goods receipt is done. 

The different stages could be PO receipt, order acknowledgement, Exfactory date communication, shipping notification etc. Depending on the business requirement the confirmation control in SAP can be set up in such a way that each of these stages can be tracked with a confirmation to the purchase order by defining them as a Confirmation Category. The grouping and sequencing of the Confirmation Categories is done in the setup of the Confirmation Control key.
Standard SAP provides a set of commonly used Confirmation Categories and Confirmation Control keys, allowing the flexibility to additional Confirmation Categories and Confirmation Control keys to be defined. In this document we will see how this can be achieved.

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Author: Tharaka Perera

How to Set Up Basic Confirmations by Malith Tharaka Perera on Scribd

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