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Monday, November 11, 2019

Deactivate sales order block removal via user authorization

In most businesses, customer service user who creates sales orders will also have access to create credit / debit memo requests. Both these documents in SAP can be created via transaction - VA01 and changed via transaction - VA02. Usually customer service user will have access to both VA01 & VA02 transactions to support business functions. Since billing block in the credit / debit memo request can be removed via VA02 transaction, customer service user can also remove these blocks.
Due to certain authorization control requirements, management does not want to authorize customer service user to remove the billing block in the credit / debit memo requests. But he / she should be able to do all other functionalities in VA01 / VA02 transactions, except billing block removal via VA01 or VA02 transactions.
Let’s see today how we can achieve this functionality via authorization control objects available in SAP.

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Author: Anupa Wijesinghe

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