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Monday, September 4, 2017

Item Category Determination

When you create a sales order in SAP, the item category is determined based on below parameters.
  •   Sales Document type – From the Sales order header
  •  Item Category Group – From the Material Master
  •   Usage – From Customer Material Info record
Based on above 3 fields, system will automatically determine the corresponding item category in the sales order. This assignment is maintained in the below IMG node.
IMG Path: Sales and Distribution / Sales / Sales Documents / Sales Document Item / Assign Item Categories 
In the same IMG node, SAP has provided an option of having multiple item categories for the same combination of sales document type and Item category group. But those are categorized as “MItC - Manual Item Category”. If any item category is assigned as “MItC”, then user is allowed to change the item category to that in the sales order item manually. 
Automatic determination of item category will happen only for the item category assigned in the field “DfltC – Default Item Category”. 

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Author: Anupa Wijesinghe

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