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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Reversal of F110 Payments

Payment batch processing is one of the core functionalities in a finance department which is handled through SAP.  Usually a single batch would consist of hundreds of individual payments to difference vendors and there could be user errors regarding the date of the payment, configuration errors that could pick up the wrong house bank or there could not be sufficient funds in the selected bank, or even the users could have used an incorrect payment method to pay the vendors. All of these are common issues where reversal of payment batches are required.
The traditional reversal process is time consuming and each document has to be identified and processed individually.
However to address this issue a new program RFF110S_REVERSE has been introduced by SAP. This program has been made available as of February 2015 as note for all releases prior to release 6.7 and is delivered in the support package as of release 6.7.

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Author: Gayani Karunathilake

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