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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Inter company Stock Transport Order Processing

Companies with plants in multiple locations typically have the requirement to transfer stock between plants. The STO (stock transport order) process is used to handle this transfer systematically in SAP. 
However if these plants belong to different Company Codes then we need to use the Intercompany STO process. This requires several configuration steps and prerequisites to be in place for this solution to work and entities can benefit from the ability to monitor stock in transit, traceability through document flow and ability to account for delivery costs on the stock transport order.
In this document we will discuss the prerequisites and configuration that needs to be in place to achieve the Inter company Stock Transport Order process in SAP.
Please click here to read the invoice creation part of this process.
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  • For Rush Stock Transport Orders in SAP Fashion Management Solution (FMS) (Where delivery get created automatically at STO save), click here.
  • For stock transport orders between storage locations, please click here.
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Author: Tharaka Perera


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