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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mass document change in SAP (IS-AFS)

Same like mass change transaction "MASS" in SAP standard (R/3), there are additional mass change transactions specifically for IS-AFS (Industry Solution - Apparel and Footwear). (Click here to see more detail about standard "MASS" transaction). 
These IS-AFS specific mass change transactions are;

  • /AFS/MDC - Mass Document Change
  • /AFS/MCC - Mass Customer Change

The main reason to introduce such AFS specific transactions is; because in IS-AFS we have AFS specific data in sales documents, such as sizes, AFS customer groups, etc. Therefore some time it is required to change certain size level data as a mass change. This is not supported in "MASS" transaction.

Let's see how we can use mass document change transaction to change AFS sales documents.

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  1. Can we chnage the PO type usng this T code

  2. Can we change PO type field VBKD-BSARK in the sales document using this t-code ?

    1. Unfortunately you cannot change the PO type field using this transaction. You should be able to use MASS transaction with object - BUS2032 with table Sales order header data

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