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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Message output for Purchase Orders

"Messages" are forms of output send to vendors in the purchasing processing. It is based on a MM document in SAP (Such as purchase requisition or purchase order) and also it can be a printed document based on the purchase order or an output sent via EDI. 
SAP is using famous condition technique for message control as well. (Click here to see more details about the condition technique in SAP) This is also same as output type configuration in SD. You can view more info on this regard using this link.
Let's see how you can configure message output settings for purchase orders.

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  1. Very nice piece of writing. I would love to see an article on Integration points of MM with PP, PS, FI/CO, SD. Thanks

    1. Thanks for the comment. Though MM is not my primary area of expertise, I am trying to explore it a bit. :)
      Let's see if the time permits in future!
      BTW you can already check integration between SD and FI, under label "SD - FI Integration"

  2. I have a question. I have not been able to print preview when making PO and then I would go into message insert ZPO1 i think it was, and then it let me print preview and print. However, when I saved it, it did not let me message output it. It said "no suitable documents..." So i have been whitening out the message part on top and sending PO's that way. Now accounting is not able to pay those few POs. Is that fixable? pls let me know. thank you

  3. Thanks buddy, together with going through it in the system, that gave me in depth look what are messages for :)

    Good work!

  4. Hi,

    very nice document . How do I download this as pdf file