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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Season Processing in SAP (IS-AFS)

In the fashion industry (apparel and footwear); it is very common to have seasonal fashions. For example different fashions can be seen in the market for spring, summer, fall and winter. Therefore branding companies has to make sure right product available in the market for the right time. After the corresponding season, remaining products will be marked down and sell under clearance sales. Therefore it is necessary to order products on time.
In order to cater for this business requirement, SAP IS-AFS (Industry solution - Apparel and Footwear) has developed a functionality called season processing.
Based on the "order creation time period" (Known as "Order window") and the "requested delivery time period" (Known as "Delivery window"), SAP determines the applicable season for the product. This feature is commonly known as order window and delivery window in IS-AFS.
In AFS, it is possible to define seasons under Sales organization, Country, Region, Customer Group and customer level.

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Season Processing in SAP (is-AFS)

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