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Monday, June 4, 2012

Master Grid in SAP (IS - AFS)

Master Grid (Material Grid) is a widely used functionality in IS - AFS (Industry Solution - Apparel and Footwear) to define allowed colours and sizes for a given model number. In the apparel and footwear business world, any given model can be available in different colours and sizes. Therefore we need to store all possible colours and sizes of that model in the SAP article master. Else we will have to create different articles (Material masters) for each colour / size combination. 

To avoid this, SAP AFS has provided the "Grid Functionality", where you can create one material master per model and store all colour / size combinations in the material grid attached to it. AFS is supporting for three dimensional grid creations as well. (Eg: 3 dimensions can use for Bra's, as we need Band size, Cup size and the colour in the grid) 

Let's see how to create a material grid and attach it to a material master in AFS.

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  2. Hi Anupa. Your post is very useful! tks.
    I have a doubt.
    Can I delete a valid grid values of the Master Grid in the J3AV transaction?
    Be aware I already use the Master Grid in a material, therefore the fields are unable for edition.
    Is it possible?

    1. No you cant do changes to a existing material grid, if that grid is attached to a material.
      Instead of that, you can block that invalid grid value in the respective material master using AFS sales data tab.

  3. Hi Anupa,

    How I can create grid control data MM in material master.
    And what its significance .


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