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Saturday, May 19, 2012

How to enhance List of Sales Orders Report (VA05) further selection criteria

In my previous posts we discussed about some key areas in the "List of Sales Order Report" (Transaction VA05). Those are;
  • How to save a default variant for VA05 (Click here)
  • Enhance VA05 report selection screen for Ship To Party (Click here)
In the standard report we have, Sold to Party, Material, Purchase Order Number and the Document date as selection criteria. In addition to that, under "Further Selection Criteria" button, we can include "Distribution Channel", "Division", "Sales Office", "Sales Group", "Sales Document type", "Created By" and "Sales document number".
It is often requested by business to execute this report with different selection criteria other than what is mentioned above.
Therefore let's see how we can add a new field under "Further Selection Criteria" button in VA05 report.

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