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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Release Procedure for pricing conditions

Like in purchase order release strategy (Click here to view it) or sales order release strategy (Commonly known as "Status Profile" in SAP. Click here to it), you can have a release procedure for your pricing conditions. This will allows you, for example, to create condition records purely for planning purposes, which are later taken into consideration after a pricing release.
For this release procedure, you can use the functionality together with "Processing" and "Release" Statuses. Processing statuses are freely definable. But release statuses are pre-defined by SAP and therefore, you can only assign your processing statuses to those release statuses.
Please note, these release status for condition tables are only available from release 4.6 A. But it is possible to convert existing condition records to the new format with the release status.

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Release Procedure for Pricing Conditions


  1. Excellent writing. Nice to find such a useful site. Keep writing.

  2. Thank you very much for your comment!

  3. Excellent article...Since long time i was struggling to understand release status finctionality. Very well explained


  4. Oh my god, at last I got to understand the functionality of this flag
    Thank you very much for your explanation

  5. Hello,
    Thanks so much for your document. I have a requirement is that default Process ID: Block when i create pricing and then another people go to VK12 and change Block to Approval? Could you please suggest soluation for me?