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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Release Strategy for Sales Orders - Status Profile

Just like release strategy in Purchase orders (Click here to view it), if business wants to have a release strategy for sales orders, SAP Status Profile Management is the best solution we can suggest.
Status Profile consists of several individual statuses, which can be changed in specific order, each status can be linked to a particular authorization group, and also it can influence corresponding business transaction. With this functionality we can restrict access to the document if it is in specific Status.

A classic example can be explained as follows,

The most common functionality we use to block creating deliveries or billing documents is the delivery block / billing block in the sales order line item level. The main disadvantage of this is, all users who has VA02 access can remove this block at any stage.
But if the business wants only an authorized person to change the delivery block / billing block, we cannot do it. (Unless you remove access to VA02 from all merchandisers, which is not practical)
To serve the above requirement, we can user status profiles in SAP.

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