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Thursday, February 16, 2012

How to create a Sample Work Flow in SAP

A workflow is an automated electronic representation of a Business Process. Main reasons why companies implement workflows are to improve the SPEED, CONSISTENCY and QUALITY of a business processes.

What can workflow do?

Workflow is taking a process and automating it by:
• Directing the tasks to the correct person when it needs to be directed.
• Having the system do tasks where no-one needs to be involved.
• Telling user what he has to do, and here’s the information needed to do it and this is where he has to add his data, etc
• Making the process visible to everyone
• Making sure that the process finishes on time (i.e. escalating processes) and that everyone is kept informed
• Removing the task from task list when it’s done or no longer necessary

Transaction: SWDD

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How to Create a Sample Work Flow in SAP

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