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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Listing & Exclusion Functionality in SAP

In the sales document creation, you have an option of creating a list of articles that a specific customer can buy as well as a customer cannot buy.
This functionality in SAP is known as “Listing/Exclusion”.

• Listing - List of articles which customer can buy
• Exclusion – List of articles which customer cannot buy


Let’s say you have activated this functionality for customer “ABC”. But you didn’t list the article “XYZ” for that customer. (Because he is no allowed to buy that article)
Now if you try to create a sales order for customer “ABC” with the article “XYZ”, system will issue an error message. (Material is not listed and therefore not allowed)
Therefore user will not be able to create the sales order with that article.


Same manner you can add that article to the Exclude list. Then system will give a different error message saying "Material has been excluded"


Whether to use listing or exclusion list is based on the number of articles that you want to exclude or list.
Eg: If you have few articles that a customer cannot buy, then always advisable to have them under exclude list rather than maintain all other articles in the listing list.
Now let’s see how we can configure this functionality within SAP.

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Listing & Exclusion Functionality in SAP

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