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Sunday, January 23, 2011

How to activate debugger for a Popup screen - Client Independent debuger shortcut

One of my previous posts was on “How to activate debugger for a Popup screen”. (Thursday, September 30, 2010)

But the main disadvantage in that method was; you have to create client specific debugger shortcuts.
Eg: Separate debugger shortcuts for development, quality and production client

Therefore today I’m going to discuss on how to create a client independent debugger shortcut in your desktop.

Just copy and paste below coding in a notepad file and save it as a “.txt” file in the desktop. You can save it under any name you want.


Whenever you want to start the debugger from a popup, drag and drop the notepad file on to the popup. The debugger will start.

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  1. Hi Anupa
    Thanks for sharing this very useful article. Your all tutorials are of very good quality & easy to understand as you put lots of screen shots & real examples. Would you please post an article/ tutorial on "How to debug a program".