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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rebate Agreements in SAP

In the practical business world you would have seen some businesses give discounts to the customer; if he/she reaches a certain amount of gross sales for a certain period (May be for a year or 6 month) for specific set of products.
Sometimes some businesses offer certain amount of money back; if the customer buys certain products from them.
Those are fall under REBATES AGREEMENTS, not discounts or any other.
Therefore those rebate conditions will apply only on applicable invoices (When rebate agreement is applicable only for certain products that customer buys not all products he/she buys) as accruals (Cumulative value of applicable invoices only), not like normal discounts which apply on individual invoice value).

You can keep a track of applicable individual invoices & amounts within the rebate agreement itself.

Once applicable customer invoices reach the agreed amount in the rebate or once we decide to pay out any rebate amount to the customer, we can create a rebate settlement. This process will be handled through a credit memo request in SAP. Once you pay that, it reverses the accrued amount for that rebate.

Let's see how you can configure and use rebates in SAP.

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  1. Thanks so much for the Agreements, great presentation!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for your comment! Appreciate if you could let me know the reason "Why it is not helpful!".
      Your input will help me to improve those areas and publish a more "Helpful" post in future!
      Thanks again!

  3. Thanks ! do you know if there is a way to handle the invoice coming from the customer (vendor invoice) in this module ?
    Indeed some of our customer can invoice us some services (example : Gondola heads )

  4. Thanks a lot. As a newbie, this document helped me a great deal. Cheers

  5. Thank you for this wonderful document! just a question.. i want to settle my rebate partially depending on the date..example, i want to settle all invoices from Feb 2-Mar 4, 2013..i tried VB(7 but it did not give me the results that i wanted..

    you reply is highly appreciated.


  6. Hi Anupa

    I was searching for Rebate agreements in SAP and found this page. I saw that you had written several other posts and I spent last 30 mins browsing through various topics you presented in a clean and interesting way. This is one of the best sites for SAP SD I came across. I am a FI consultant and I am trying to learn SD for the past year. You have presented some of the topics in a easily understandable steps that I had to learn the hard way. Thank you very much. I hope you won't mind if I recommend some other topics to you that I (and several others I am sure) struggle to understand. I will let you know about those some other day. Thanks for your efforts.

  7. Hi Anupa,

    Thanks for the very well-written documentations on rebate processing. Do you have similar to share for extended rebate processing ?