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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rebate Agreements in SAP

In the practical business world you would have seen some businesses give discounts to the customer; if he/she reaches a certain amount of gross sales for a certain period (May be for a year or 6 month) for specific set of products.
Sometimes some businesses offer certain amount of money back; if the customer buys certain products from them.
Those are fall under REBATES AGREEMENTS, not discounts or any other.
Therefore those rebate conditions will apply only on applicable invoices (When rebate agreement is applicable only for certain products that customer buys not all products he/she buys) as accruals (Cumulative value of applicable invoices only), not like normal discounts which apply on individual invoice value).

You can keep a track of applicable individual invoices & amounts within the rebate agreement itself.

Once applicable customer invoices reach the agreed amount in the rebate or once we decide to pay out any rebate amount to the customer, we can create a rebate settlement. This process will be handled through a credit memo request in SAP. Once you pay that, it reverses the accrued amount for that rebate.

Let's see how you can configure and use rebates in SAP.

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