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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Text Type Configuration in SAP

Text ID's in SAP can be configured for area's such as;

- Customer master sales text
- Material sales text
- Sales order header/line text
- Delivery text
- Billing document text, etc

"Standard Text" functionality in SAP can be used to maintain templates for sales text entries as well! Below document will guide you on how to configure Text Procedures in SAP.

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Author: Anupa Wijesinghe


  1. Hi Anupa,

    thanks for this great documentation about standard text determination. I recently tried to get a SO10 standard text into the sales header and customized the same way you suggested.

    The protocol in the sales document says it could find one text according to the settings I previously made, however the text box is still empty.
    Of course the appropriate SO10 text contains some lines. Even the language matches in both standard text and the one the protocol mentions.

    Right now I do not have any idea why this fails.


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  4. Dear reader,
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    Thanks for your understanding!

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