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Thursday, April 19, 2018

How to add Cancel Date to Incompletion Procedure

It’s often requested by business users to make the sales order header “Cancellation Date” as mandatory field in the sales order. Incompletion procedure is the standard SAP way of making any sales order field mandatory. 
“Cancellation Date” field is located in the “Item Overview” tab of the sales order. 
Though standard SAP delivered sales order incompletion procedure has “Cancellation Date” as a field available, there is no screen available for the “Item Overview” screen.
You can validate this by checking all screens available in the standard incompletion procedure, under IMG Path – Sales and Distribution / Basic Functions / Log of Incomplete Items / Define Incompleteness Procedure.
Therefore, you will have to do an enhancement to achieve this. Let’s see how we can achieve this using an enhancement. Let's see how we can achieve this through an enhancement. 

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Author: Anupa Wijesinghe

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