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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Difference between General Item Category Group and Item category Group

Sometimes you might have noticed that there are two fields in the material master called, 

 1. General item Category Group in Basic Data tab – MARA / MTPOS_MARA 

 2. Item Category group in the “Sales: Sales Org 2” tab - MVKE / MTPOS

SAP has provided these two fields to use it for two different requirements. During sales order creation, with the same article, if you want to determine a different item category for a given sales area, then you can use the field “Item Category Group” (MVKE / MTPOS). 
Since this field is located in the Material master sales data table (MVKE) you can specify different item category groups for each sales area. But the “General item category group” (MARA / MTPOS_MARA) is located in the Material Master General data (MARA) table; you cannot use this field for such a purpose. 

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Author: Anupa Wijesinghe

Difference Between General Item Category Group and Item Category Group by Anupa Wijesinghe on Scribd

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