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Monday, August 24, 2015

How to activate AFS top node check (JS Partner) by sales organization

Earlier we discussed about the error message that we have seen in IS-AFS system at sales order creation. i.e; Top node XXXX for ship-to YYYY not maintained or ship-to is not valid

Message no. 8W321

Click here to read more about the JS partner function in IS-AFS.
This is a global setting in the AFS system and therefore you cannot activate/ de-activate it only for a given company code or for a sales organization.
But in todays business world it is very common that one company acquire another company. Lets say both companies were on SAP IS-AFS and one has the top node heck activated and other doesn’t. Now when you try to migrate customer master date from top node de-activated SAP system to the tope node active SAP system, you will get above mentioned error message. 
In such a scenario you have 2 options to manage this situation.
1. Do the necessary master data change in the partner functions to have “JS” partner assigned to all ship to parties
2. Control the top node check error message for a given sales org / company

Today we will discuss about the 2nd option mentioned above.

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Author: Anupa Wijesinghe

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