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Monday, January 26, 2015

Invoice creation batch job setup in SAP

Most of the business organizations would like to create their customer invoices in a batch job (Background job). This batch job can be setup in a way that it executes in a pre-defined frequency (eg: Once a day at night) and pick all documents that are due for billing. Such billing due documents can be comprise of;
  • Sales orders in case of the third party orders for order related billing
  • Credit / Debit memo requests which does not have “Billing block” for order related billing
  • Post goods issues deliveries in case of delivery related billing
We can execute the as billing due list in SAP via transaction VF04. 
Today let’s look at how we can setup this transaction as a background job and key differences in this billing batch job against any other. 
Please click here to read more about background job setup in SAP.

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Author: Anupa Wijesinghe

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