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Monday, November 12, 2012

Using bar codes for archived documents in SAP

For certain business processes, we need to create bar code entries in the SAP system and attach archived document to it. During order processing, customer service user should able to access this archived document via the SAP transaction. If you want to learn more about SAP data archive process, please click here.
A typical example would be;
  • Sales department has received a purchase order with a bar code
  • Sales person can create a sales order in SAP based on this written purchase order. Upon saving the sales order, system will give a popup to enter the bar code. User can either enter the bar code manually or scan the original bar code through a bar code scanner.
  • Later when he scan and archive the document in to SAP, the "SAP Archive Link" will automatically recognize the bar code on the customer purchase order and assign the SAP sales document to the archived object. Later users can retrieve this customer purchase order directly via sales document in SAP.
You can use below explained configuration to attached such a bar code to a sales document in SAP.

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