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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Definition and Usage of 16 fields in the Pricing Procedure

In one of my previous posts, we discussed how condition technique works in SAP (Click here to view more details). There we identified all condition types are grouped in a basket called "Procedure". Same functionality is used in output determination, tax determination, pricing, revenue account determination, listing and exclusion, etc.

Today let's see what fields are available in a pricing procedure and the use of each field. You should be able to identify below 16 fields in a standard pricing procedure. They are;
1) Step No
2) Counter
3) CTyp - Condition type
4) Description
5) From
6) To
7) Manual
8) Required
9) Statistics
10) Print
11) SuTot - Sub Total
12) Reqt - Requirement
13) CalTyp - Condition formula for alternative calculation type
14) BasTyp - Alternative formula for condition base value
15) AccKey - Account Key
16) Accruals

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Definition and Usage of 16 Fields in the Pricing Procedure

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