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Monday, August 9, 2010

How to create / activate Sales Information System (SIS)

Sales Information System (SIS) is a component of LIS (Logistics Information System). LIS has below components.

• Purchasing Information System
• Sales Information System
• Plant Maintenance Information System
• Retailing Information System

The Sales Information System is a flexible tool which allows you to collect, consolidates, and utilizes data from Sales and Distribution processing. It can be used at different levels in the decision-making process as a control and planning instrument, enabling you to recognize market developments and economic trends early on and to take appropriate measures.
You can either activate/use existing SIS reports or create new SIS reports.
Below document will explain on how to create new SIS reports and/or how to activate existing SIS reports for your requirement.
(To see how to activate SIS structures for historical data, please click here)

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